Monday, October 8, 2018

Week of 10/8/18 - 10/12/18

News of the Week
- Tomorrow will be Hispanic Heritage Presentation at 9:00am in the auditorium.  Children are to wear dress up clothes tomorrow, no uniform. 

- Thursday, Oct. 11th we will have a Fire Prevention Presentation by Fireman Bill and Fireman Ivan at 10:00am for the children.

- Monday, Oct. 15th School Closed for Data Day. 

This Week Children will be learning the following:
- Religion: Children will learn about God's gift of water.
- Phonemic Awareness: Children will identify words with beginning sounds /a/ and /b/.
- Phonics: Children will identify uppercase and lowercase Aa and Bb.
- Reading Comprehension: Children will listen and respond to the story "Little Red Riding Hood."
- Math: Children will count up to 5 objects and match the numerals.
- Science: Children will experiment by using their sense of hearing only to identify objects.
- Social Studies: Children will understand how rules affect children and adults.

Lessons of the Week
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