Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Homework - Tuesday, 10/2/18

Homework for 3 yr. old Group
Green Handwriting Book - Complete pg. 49.  Practice writing lines to form uppercase B.  Color the picture of the "boots."  Remind your child that "boot" begins with the /b/ sound.

Homework for 4 yr. old Group
Handwriting - Write uppercase and lowercase Bb 5x's each in the notebook.

Phonics - Draw and label a picture with beginning sound /b/ in the notebook.

- Tomorrow will be CLASS PICTURE DAY!! Please make sure your child is wearing their full school uniform.  
Boys: Blue Shirt, ties, navy blue pants and black school shoes - NO SNEAKERS.
Girls: School Jumper Dress with white shirt and black school shoes - NO SNEAKERS. 
If your child owns the school sweater please make sure they wear it as well.  Thank you for your cooperation!

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