Thursday, June 23, 2011

Farewell 1st Graders!

Dear Parents,
     Just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all of your support and for entrusting your children to me.  I also want to thank you for being so welcoming towards me as a new member of the OLQM community.  I am very proud of my decision to have joined this community because I see the commitment of the families towards their childrens' education.  I urge everyone to continue working with your children and guiding them in making good choices and working hard in 2nd grade. I could not be any prouder of all the children, they have worked extremely hard. It is my hope that they continue in the 2nd grade with the same dedication and eagerness as they gave in the 1st grade. 
    Please continue reviewing over the vacation, remember that in two months a lot can be forgotten.  There are wonderful practice books at or Barnes & Nobles to help prepare for 2nd grade or to help them prepare for standardized test (ITBS).  Make sure your child is reading every single day.  They went home with two bags filled with books, also take them to the library to choose books they would enjoy reading.  Go over all the math concepts they learned this year and keep writing.  Have them start a summer journal and write about anything they want.
     God Bless and have a Happy and Safe Summer!!!!

Ms. Rodriguez

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


-  Thursday and Friday children must wear full uniform.  NUT cards are not permitted.
-  Friday, Assembly will begin at 10am, children will be dismissed right after the assembly.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

End of Year Party

Party will be tomorrow.  Please send $2. for pizza if you have not done so. Children are allowed to wear their play clothes tomorrow.

Each table was assigned a treat to share with their classmates:
Purple and Green Tables -  Chips
Red Table - Cookies or Cupcakes
Yellow and Orange Table - Juice

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last Week of School

Dear Parents,
It's hard to believe we have reached the last week of school!!!  This week we will be cleaning up our classroom, and we'll be completing some review packets in all subjects.  We will have an end of year classroom party on Wednesday afternoon.  I am asking all children to please bring $2. for pizza by Tuesday.  I will assign each table to bring in chips, cookies, juice and other treats to share with their classmates. On Wednesday children are allowed to wear their play clothes.  On Thursday we will be attending the 8th grade Graduation, all children must be in full uniform. Everyday this week the children will be taking books home and on Thursday they will take their Portfolios and Final Exams home.  Report Cards and certificates will be distributed on Friday at the Assembly.

-- Everyone $2. for Pizza by Tuesday
Purple and Green Table -- Chips 
Red Table -- Cookies or cupcakes
Yellow and Orange Table --Juice

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Homework - Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grammar - p. 187

Math - p. 83 - 84 - 85 - 86

Practice Book - p. 4 - 5 - 6

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Homework - Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grammar - p. 182

Math - p. 77 - 82

Practice Book - p. 60 - 61

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Homework - Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Language Arts - Study for Final Exam, check blog for review.

Practice Book - Time Together Section - p. 58;  p. 62;   p. 69
Gather Around Section - p. 9;  p. 12; p. 16

Spelling - complete p. 11 - 12
                               p. 19
                               p. 34
                               p. 47 - 48

Monday, June 13, 2011

Homework - Monday, June 13, 2011

Social Studies - Study for Final Exam

Grammar/Phonics - Finish Long Vowels and Punctuation package in homework folder.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Homework - Thursday, June 9, 2011

Social Studies - complete p. 45 - 46 - 47
-  Review for final Exam.

Grammar/Writing -  Write a Describing Story in your classwork notebook. Use grammar book p. 132 to 135 to remind yourself how to write a describing story.
Remember to tell how things look, sound, smell, taste or feel.   Topic:  Playing at the Park

***Reminder:  - School Closed Tomorrow

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Homework - Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reading - Review for final exam.
-  Review and complete reading packages in homework folders. 
-  Check blog for review.

Phonics - Review and complete p. 163 - 164
p. 174
p. 187
p. 209

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Homework - Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Math - Study for Final Exam.
Check the blog:  Review textbook, classwork notebooks, test folder, Math sheets in homework folder.

Everyday Math - Complete p. 42 - 43

Reading -  Complete Reading Comprehension sheets in homework folder.

*** Make sure children have two pencils with erasers.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Homework - Monday, June 6, 2011

Religion - Study for Final Exam

Math - Study for Final Exam
Complete pgs. 269 - 270 - 271 - 272

Final Exam Review for Social Studies

Know Social Studies Words: family, time line, rules, law, symbol, citizen, map, natural resources, history, Christopher Columbus and three ships (Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria), Pilgrims, Native Americans, settlers, settlement, Navajos, hogans, goods, services, volunteer, job, needs, wants, transportation country, weather, temperature, seasons, plain, hill, mountain, river, ocean, lake, continent, Earth, community, neighborhood, address, vote, President.

Important key facts to know:
-  Mexico is our neighbor to the south
-  Canada is our neighbor to the north
-  How many states in our country?
-  How many continents in our country?
-  Identify the order (biggest to smallest) neighborhood, community, state, country, Earth
-  Name natural resources
-  Identify and write similarities between George Washington and Abraham Lincoln (review from classwork notebook)
-  Identify and name needs and wants
-  Identify 4 seasons
-  Identify weather changes
-  Identify differences between plain, hill, mountain
-  Identify bodies of water: river, ocean, lake
-  Where did Christopher Columbus land and who did he meet?
-  Identify Christopher Columbus ships.
-  What was the name of the Pilgrims ship?
-  Identify how the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims in North America.
-  Be able to read a graph and answer questions (Review from social studies workbook)

****** Review from classwork notebook and stapled review sheets in notebook, social studies workbook and Social Studies Test Folder.  Children will have an additional review sheet we will work on this week.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week of 6/6/11 - 6/9/11

News of the Week
Final Exams Schedule
Monday 6/6 - Science
Tuesday 6/7 - Religion
Wednesday 6/8 - Math
Thursday 6/9 - Reading
Tuesday 6/14 - Social Studies
Wednesday 6/15 - Language Arts

***** Children must have 3 sharpened #2 pencils with erasers.  Exams will begin promptly at 8:30am please be on time.

-  Reviews have been posted.  Social Studies Review will be posted in next blog.  Review from textbooks, classwork notebooks and test folders for all subjects.

Lessons of the Week
Reading  -
Math  -
Religion  -
Science  -
Social Studies  -

Final Exam Review for Reading and Language Arts

-  Reading Comprehension:  Children should identify story main idea, characters, setting, story details, cause/effect and use story details to make inferences about the characters.  They should also identify author, illustrator, story sequence (beginning, middle and end).
-  Know the parts of a book report.
-  Classify/Categorize
-  Differentiate between fiction and nonfiction stories.
-  They should be able to describe and draw story details.
-  Know long and short vowels. 
-  Know initial blends. For example, /ch/, /sp/, /th/ and be able to write a word with blends.
-  Know final blends.  For example, "/st/" in "rest"
-  Know medial vowel substitutions.  For example "/oa/" in "goat" -- digraphs -  "/or/" "/ea/" "/or/" "/ir/"
-  Unscramble words to make complete sentences with Capital letter and the appropriate
punctuation marks (. ! ? )
-  Know that special names and places should have a capital letter.
-  Identify nouns, pronouns, verbs, and adjectives  in a sentence. (Review from grammar book)
-  Contractions:  's - 'll - 're - n't - For example, don't, we're, they'll
-  Inlections "ed" and "ing".  For example, "played"  "playing"
-  Describing words with "er" and "est".  For example:  "smaller", "smallest"
-  Review all spelling and high- frequency words from Spelling and Practice Book.
-  Children should be able to write a descriptive story.  For example if the topic is playing at the park, in their story they should be able to write sentences and tell how things look, sound, smell, taste or feel at the park. (Review from Grammar book)

**** Use Reading/Phonics Practice Books, Spelling book, and Grammar book for review.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Final Exam Review for Math

Know Math words:  add, subtract, sum, difference, related addition fact, related subtraction fact, how many more, how many fewer, one more than, one fewer than, just before, between, just after, estimate, hour hand, minute hand, half past, length, height, width, cup, pint, solid figure, plane figure, open figure, closed figure, symmetry, perimeter, face, edge, vertex, identify solid figures that stack, slide and roll. 

-  Know number words zero to twenty
-  Counting by 2's, 5's, 10's
-  Ordering numbers from largest to smallest; smallest to largest
-  Odd and Even numbers
-  Ordinal numbers and positions
-  Review using a number line to subtract and add.
-  Horizontal and vertical adding and subtracting
-  Addition Charts
-  Fact families
-  Adding with 3 addends.
-  Place Value
-  Show a number in expanded form
-  Telling time
- Counting coins (quarters, dime, nickels, penny)
-  Tally Charts, Pictographs
-  Identify solid and plane figures
-  Measuring (width, length, height, cup, pint)
-  *****Problem Solving - very important to review for extra practice. 

** Use Math textbook, math workbook and Math Test Folder to Review.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Homework - Thursday, June 2, 2011

Math - p. 49 - 50

Everyday Math - p. 11; p.16

Spelling - Test tomorrow - pgs. 59 - 62

Vocabulary - Test tomorrow -- Review all words from the 4th quarter.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Final Exam Review for Religion

- Know Religion Words and Important People:  Blessed Trinity, Holy Family, pastor, bishops, pope, apostles, Good Samaritan, John the Baptist, Mary, Joseph, peacemaker, sacraments, Bible, commandments, parish, church, Light of the World, Lord's prayer, temple, Pentecost, Eucharist.

-  Know the Seasons of the Church Year:  Ordinary time, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Three Days, Easter.

-  Know the members of the Holy Family and the Three Persons of the Blessed Trinity.

-  Know about the sacraments of Baptism, Penance/Reconciliation and Eucharist.  Know that Baptism is our first sacrament and we receive the light of Christ at Baptism.  Use the pictures of the sacraments on p. 190 - 191 to identify the seven sacraments.

-  Use the textbook, Religion test folder, classwork notebook to review.

Homework - Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reading/Grammar - Reread, "The Bear's Friend" p. 187
Write a book report on this story in your classwork notebook. 
Use the book report format you learned in Grammar book.

Math - p. 73 - 74

Social Studies - Test tomorrow on Citizenship.  Study today's review in classwork notebook. 
Review p. 14; p. 15; and p. 17

Note to Parents:  Children took home Science and Religion test folders to help them begin reviewing for Final exams.

Final Exam Review for Science

Science Review
-  Know Science words:  natural resource, pollution, matter, mass, solids, liquids, gases, magnet, repel, force, sun, moon, star, earth, recycle, reduce, reuse, constellation, ocean, river, stream, soil, light, living things, nonliving things, stem, leaves, roots, flower, thermometer, shadow, heat, sound, food chain, bones.

- Classify animals in animal groups:  mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, birds, fish.  Review life cycle of frog.

- Review Ch. 3 Living and Nonliving; Ch. 4 Plants; Ch. 5 Animals; Ch. 7 Light, Sound and Heat; Ch. 8 Motion; Ch. 11 Sky.  Make sure you review the Science Review Sheets from classwork notebook and all Science Test and Quizzes from folders.  You can also look over the science questions the children have in their classwork notebooks as well.