Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week of 5/1/17 - 5/5/17

News of the Week 
- Thursday, May 4th is Star Wars Day children may wear Star Wars clothes for the day just for fun. There will not be a contest at the end of the day because upper level classes will be taking standardized exams this week.

- Picture Day for Moving-Up Ceremony will be Friday, May 5th.  Children are to wear dress up clothes. Girls a dress and boys slacks with shirt.  If you want your child's picture to be taken please return money envelope with $35. to Mrs. Resto before May 5th. Thank You.

-  Just want to inform parents that I was finally able to shorten the video from our Black History Show and I posted it on this blog over the weekend for your viewing.  I hope you all enjoy it.  This week I will work on posting the Christmas Play video.

This Week Children will be Learning the Following: 
Religion: Children will learn about ways to talk to God and their experiences at Mass. 
Reading: Children will listen and respond to the story "Peter and the Wolf."
Phonics: Children will continue working on identifying uppercase and lowercase "Vv." Children will identify and read the sight word "said."
Phonemic Awareness: Children will identify beginning sounds /v/. Children will work on identifying beginning and ending sounds. 
Math: Children will identify numbers and number words 15, 16, 17, and 18.  Children will count groups of objects up to 18. 
Science: Children will experiment in the Science Lab on how to sprout potatoes in water and using flowers to show how water travels through plants. 
Social Studies: Children will learn about different plant habitats. 

Letters of the Week for Review
- Mm, Tt, Rr, Ss, Cc, Pp, Aa, Nn, Dd, Ll, Gg, Ii, Bb, Oo, Ee, Jj, Ff, Xx, Hh, Qq, Kk, Uu , Ww, Vv.

Sight Words of the Week for Review
- I, my, the, and, a, see, cango, in, look, to, little, big, jump, play, you, find, for, make, away, help, funny, here, run, is, it, where, down, said. 

Color Words of the Week for Review
- red, blueyellow, green, purple, black, brown, orange.

Lessons of the Week
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