Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week of 4/3/17 - 4/7/17

News of the Week
-  Red boxes for "Pennies for Patients" are due tomorrow. 

- Rice Bowls collection boxes are due by Wednesday.

- Tuesday, April 4th we will have our Spring Show at 9:00am all parents are welcome. Girls are to wear a Spring dress or Spring skirt with blouse.  Boys are to wear slacks with a Spring color shirt.

- Thursday, April 6th we will have our Easter Party in the afternoon since Friday we will have early dismissal.  Children are allowed to wear their play clothes to school. If you can please donate $5. for pizza and other Easter treats we will greatly appreciate your help. 

- Friday, April 7th we will go to church for Stations of the Cross and Easter presentation.  Children are allowed to wear dress up clothes. 

- Friday, April 7th Early Dismissal 12 noon.  Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held from 3:00pm - 8:00pm.

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter Recess!

This Week Children will be Learning the Following: 
Religion: Children will learn about the Easter story. 
Reading: Children will listen and respond to the story "Peter and the Wolf."
Phonics: Children will continue working on identifying uppercase and lowercase "Ww." Children will identify and read the sight word "where."
Phonemic Awareness: Children will identify beginning sound /w/. Children will work on blending sounds.
Math: Children will use measuring tools to measure distance.
Science: Children will learn about different kinds of flowers.
Social Studies: Children will understand that plants are all around us. 

Letters of the Week for Review
- Mm, Tt, Rr, Ss, Cc, Pp, Aa, Nn, Dd, Ll, Gg, Ii, Bb, Oo, Ee, Jj, Ff, Xx, Hh, Qq, Kk, Uu and Ww.

Sight Words of the Week for Review
- I, my, the, and, a, see, cango, in, look, to, little, big, jump, play, you, find, for, make, away, help, funny, here, run, is, it, where.

Color Words of the Week for Review
- red, blueyellow, green, purpleblack, brown, orange.

Lessons of the Week
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