Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week of 3/6/17 - 3/10/17

News of the Week
- Friday, March 10, 2017 a member of the Regional Board will be visiting our school and children are to wear their full school uniform and school shoes.

This Week Children will be Learning the Following: 
Religion: Children will learn about helping and showing forgiveness to others.
Reading: Children will listen and respond to the story of  "The City Mouse and the Country Mouse." Children will identify problem and solution in a story.
Phonics: Children will be working on identifying uppercase and lowercase "Hh" and "Qq."
Phonemic Awareness: Children will identify beginning sounds /h/ and /q/. Children will work on identifying syllables in words.
Math: Children will begin a new math unit on measuring.
Social Studies: Children will continue learning about different kinds of community workers.
Science Lab: Children will continue to learn about the three states of matter.  Children will do an experiment showing how the states of matter can change from one form of matter to another.

Letters of the Week for Review
- Mm, Tt, Rr, Ss, Cc, Pp, Aa, Nn, Dd, Ll, Gg, Ii, Bb, Oo, Ee, Jj, Ff, Xx, Hh and Qq.

Sight Words of the Week for Review
- I, my, the, and, a, see, cango, in, look, to, little, big, jump, play, you, find, for, make, away, help, funny.

Color Words of the Week for Review
- red, blueyellow, green, purpleblack, brown.

Lessons of the Week
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