Sunday, September 17, 2017

Week of 9/18/17 - 9/22/17

News of the Week:
- Please bring in signed forms and 2 emergency cards in by tomorrow. These forms were due on Thursday and I am still waiting on some parents.
- As I explained in the Parent meeting, children are to be dropped off at the door to one of the classroom Aides in the morning, parents are not allowed in the classroom. If your child is being dropped off early before 8:00am the Aides will help your child with their breakfast.  We will begin prayers and pledge of allegiance promptly at 8:00am, breakfast is not allowed in the classroom after 8:00am.
- School Closed on Tuesday, Sept. 19th for Teacher Conference.
- Friday, Sept. 22nd will be Class Picture Day, children are to be in full dress uniform.

This Week Children will be learning the following:
- Religion: Children will learn about being good helpers
- Science: Children will understand the different skills scientists use to learn about the world. Children will learn about their five senses.
- Phonemic Awareness: Children will identify initial sound /k/.
- Phonics: Children will identify uppercase and lowercase Cc.
- Reading Comprehension: Children will listen and respond to a song.  Children will follow oral directions.
- Math: Children will continue learning about sorting.
- Social Studies: Children will identify characteristics of a friend.

Letter of the Week for Review: Cc

Color Words of the Week for Review: Pink, Yellow, Brown

Lessons of the Week
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